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Name:SF-20W18V Semi-flexible Solar Panel
Model No.:KL20W-36M-SF
Dimensions:470mm x 350mm x 2.5mm
Open Circuit Voltage:21.24V
Short Circuit Current:1.22A
Max Power Voltage:18.0V
Max System Current:1.11A
Max System Voltage:500VDC
Number of Cells:36
Power Allowance Range:±3
Operating Temperature:-40~+85°C
Connection+Cable:1M cable+SAE connector
Standard Test Conditions (STC):AM1.5, 1000W/m², Cells Temperature 25°C

Product Description


BEST SOLAR 20W ETFE+fiberglass base flexible solar panel can be gently flexed to follow a smooth curve of 15 degrees max, and can be mounted on a coach roof, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface.The ETFE material bonded with the fiberglass back sheet makes a stronger panel than a cheaper PET film one with less chance of cracking or water intrusion. 


1.Brand Solar Cell: High Quality Solar Cell with a higher-than-average 21.5% efficiency,in addition better light absorbing,less reflection leading to more power per square inch. 

2.Powerful and Lightweight: this solar panel packs 20W of power yet is only 2.5mm thick and weighs only 0.75kg,making it easier to transport, hang, and remove

3.Superior Durability : the water resistant semi-flexible solar panel is ultra durable and ideal for on yacht, boat and so on, tight spaces

4.Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain. 

5.Highly resistant to seawater corrosion. 

6.Waterproof and highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment.

7.Easy Installation: unique frameless design features 4 metal reinforced mounting holes at each corner for fixing screws and for easy installation


*Holes on panels are pre-drilled for fast mounting and securing, perfect for non-permanent installations

*Can be affixed by adhesive, grommets or Velcro (with which you can easily attach or detach the panels)

*Can be installed without costly structural roof reinforcements

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